Why The Creative Collective

If you haven’t heard by now, Clark started something new earlier this year. We Call it The Creative Collective. The Collective is an effort to prevent creative apathy. It’s a movement to equip those in and around the church to refocus on content and originality. After all we were created in the image of God the creator. Created to Created. This revolution is in its infancy with a challenging mission: Delete the Copy and Paste culture within the church. Inspiring? We hope so. But one question we get asked a lot over here at the firm is why start The Creative Collective, why Clark? Well, made a little video to share our thoughts (video after the break).

After 15 years of creating some of the most advanced audio, video and lighting systems, Clark discovered two recurring issues. First, technology and physical spaces were being purchased and designed without the content to be communicated in mind. Second, inspiration and originality in church creativity was lost, and a copy and paste culture was born. Refusing to settle, we began offering Strategic Facility solutions to give churches a more holistic approach, thereby eliminating excuses. But as you know we went beyond new services. Clark also founded the Creative Collective—a movement to equip those in and around the Church to refocus on content and originality. Technology, space and content coming together is the key to delivering meaningful, relevant and creative messages to your community.

Check out the latest Creative Collective resource: Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process by Blaine Hogan.

Mark is the Brand Manager and Director of Marketing for Clark. Before working at Clark, Mark spent most of the last decade leading the media efforts of various mega churches.