The Gift of Familiarity

Visiting a church can be daunting.

The awkwardness, the unfamiliarity, the uncertainty about the experience – all of it poses a formidable challenge for drawing people to your church. All of the right spiritual forces must come to a head at the very moment their social confidence rises.

You can either keep trying to get them over the hump… or meet them where they’re at.

Here’s an idea for Christmas:

Put all of your efforts into motivating people to do what comes naturally to them… stay at home.

So far, live web broadcasts have been used by churches to build “online campuses” or reach audiences unbound by geography.

But live web-casting offers the chance for your community to peek inside your church from the outside where it’s safe.

Imagine a campaign that encourages people to stay home and watch your Christmas celebration. Use a friendly emcee to walk viewers through the environments, demonstrate the ease of parking and check-in, and introduce ministry leaders.

Like a Christmas parade, you could throw-in a performance of carolers in the lobby, stop by the greenroom to interview the pastor or have someone’s hat eaten by a camel for comic relief.

We’ve mistakenly equated attendance with impact, But even Oprah Winfrey’s television studio in Chicago only had 150 seats.

People fear the unknown. Especially when it comes to church. And they’ve had just enough bad or awkward experiences to make them skeptical of your church.

You overcome this by taking the burden of awkwardness away from them and giving them the gift of familiarity without ever having to leave their living rooms.

  • Kevin Rush

    Dude, you read our minds. We are doing an Online Christmas Experience this year – No service. Great article Ben!

  • Jonathan Malm

    Love the comment about Oprah’s 150 seats. Christmas can be a tool…not just the climax of the church experience. Wonderful!