Clark Featured in New York Times


Over the last couple of years Clark has expanded its strategic services to take what we’ve learned from churches across the country and apply that wealth of knowledge in the context of each unique church we’ve had the privilege with which to work.

Most recently, we’ve been helping churches navigate the challenge of making their spaces more purposeful than just Sunday services. We are working with many clients who are embracing the vision of design and building facilities that primarily meet the needs of the community followed by Sunday services.

Today, the New York Times published an article featuring Clark and one of its confounders (Houston Clark), the work Clark is doing, and the many churches around the country who are finding success in becoming missional with their buildings.

Read the full article here.

Houston will also be speaking specifically about this topic at the 2013 XPastors conference. Details Here.

Mark is the Brand Manager and Director of Marketing for Clark. Before working at Clark, Mark spent most of the last decade leading the media efforts of various mega churches.
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    Hi Clark! I tried clicking the URL for the article and I’m getting a page that says the URL is disabled. Any idea?