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Atlanta Meet Up


Take a night off and hang out with über creative folks that all work in and around the church. From the visual, technical and musical arts, connect with those who understand the tyranny of Sunday. Learn best practices, swap stories, and better your craft.

Free food and drink with a surprise special guest.

Space is limited. Refresh your creativity and join us!

2 Free Tickets to C3 Conference

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.45.19 AM

Attention Pastors!

Looking to go to the Fellowship Church C3 Conference? Why not go for Free! All you have to do is register below for the Clark Newsletter, and bam your entered to win two tickets to the C3 Conference in Dallas, February 13-15, 2013.

Enter before January 22nd and winners will be selected January 23rd.


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Good friend of the firm Blaine Hogan launched a new site this week. Head over to to check out his new site and be sure to subscribe to his newsletter for a fee chapter of Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process.

Monthly Freebie: 2 tickets Vimeo Film Fest


We are excited to announce our first Monthly Freebie!

All you have to do is register below for the Clark Newsletter, and bam your entered to win two tickets to the Vimeo Film Festival in New York, June 7-9, 2012.

Enter before May 24th and winners will be selected May 26th.

Oh and did we mention they are 2 day all access passes?

How Digital Cameras Work

The McRib Twitter Pic Challenge


The holiday’s are fast approaching, and after last weeks give away, I thought we could do one more. At the core of Clark we are engineers, and there probably isn’t anything more wonderfully “engineered” then the McRib sandwich. Savory BBQ sauce, pickles and onions. MMmmmm.

So today starts the McRib Twitter Pic Challenge.

Take a photo with you and a McRib and post it to tweeter.
Be sure to include this hash tag: #McPic2011 along with an @reply to @clarktweet.
You may also post pictures in the comments thread.

Winners will be selected end of day Friday November 4th.

Pictures will be judged by Director of Photography and Principal of Brightbokeh Films Jonathon Roberts @brightbokeh.
(I suggest you figure out what style of photography Johnathon likes)

The Prize: $25 McDonald Gift Card.