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Canvas Dropr: Digital Style Board

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Being apart of a creative team means clearly communicating design ideas and concepts.
Web services like Imgspark, Google Docs and Pinterest all have some use to get this done.
However none of these quite hit the spot for teams, either falling short in group functionality, style, or easy of use.

Enter This new free web service is built from the ground up for visual collaboration.

Conclave Sessions: Dallas Round Table

Attention Church Communication Professionals!

If you are in the Dallas area or head to Dallas for the ECHO conference you need to check out Conclave Sessions.

What are Conclave Sessions?
The Conclave Sessions are an ongoing project to gather thought leaders and church communication experts to leverage best practices and talk through challenges. Our Sessions are filled with individuals from growing and influential churches with something to say. “As iron sharpens iron,” Proverbs says, “so one person sharpens another.” This is an opportunity to share with and learn from some of the brightest in the field.

View the Dallas Round Table agenda here.

To register visit

Is Your Church Connected? Building Online Community That Counts – Part 1

Ours is a highly connected generation. If the people checking their smart phones on every curb, elevator and dinner table don’t subtly underline that fact, the latest social networking numbers will.

This past August, Facebook will top 1 billion—yes “B” as in billion—active users. 1 Translation? This means almost 15% of our planet has taken up online residence in Zuckerberg country. Continue reading →

Sunday| Magazine


Creating something amazing is hard. Creating something amazing every week is nearly impossible. Sometimes church workers find themselves stuck. They sit down to plan the service. They type “Sunday”. Then they sit there with the text indicator blinking at them – taunting them. “What are you going to do?”

Let me introduce you to Sunday| magazine. Sunday| is a free online magazine about the creative process of Sunday mornings.

There are plenty of great tutorial and technology magazines out there. But very few teach you the philosophy behind the tutorials and tech.

I (and my friends at Clark) have seen a growing copy-paste mentality in our churches. Church creatives see something that works in another church and they apply it without tailoring it to their community. Consequently that leads to ineffective creativity. The Message we have is far too important to be satisfied with distracting and ineffective creative endeavors.

Although it’s a bit ambitious for a single magazine to change that phenomena, I  hope it’ll be a step in the right direction.

So in each article I’m getting a group of church leaders together to talk about great creativity. We’ll be talking about the whole Sunday morning package and how each part works together to create an atmosphere – an atmosphere where people can experience the living God.

Facebook Reinvents the Profile Page

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Today at F8 conference Facebook introduced “Timeline” a new profile page that captures a better sense of who you are. The goal is to extend what the conversation. Mark Zuckerberg calls the original Facebook profile page the first 5 minuets of a conversation and the current profile page the next 15 minutes of a conversation.  Timeline goes beyond the 15 minute conversation.

Timeline showcases all the events in your life and giving you the ability to raise their importance or remove them completely. Timeline even adds more customization with a cover photo for your header.

Will this change the way we connect online? Probably. But one of the most exciting possibilities is to see believers in Jesus showcase their lives. A timeline of their lives before coming to faith in Jesus Christ and after. It could be one of the most profound tools for share the faith. Only time will tell (Yes pun intended although not a very good one).

What is your take on the new Facebook Timeline?