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New After Effects Plug-in from VCP Announced!

Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 11.54.20 AM

If you are an After Effects junkie you be pleased to hear this. Andrew Kramer at Video Co-Piolt the genius behind the Fringe TV show opener has announced another awesome plug-in for Adobe After Effects. Element 3D is an object based plug-in for Adobe After effects that allows you to easily extrude and create 3d objects within After Effects. If you think this might be vaporware think again. Video Copilot will be releasing this new plug-in July 10th.

Check out the details here.

Houston is Coming to Dallas

Today we announce that Clark will be opening a second full service office in Dallas, TX to better serve our growing client base. Co-founder Houston Clark will be leading the charge by moving to Dallas to launch the new office.

We put a high value on personal interactions with our clients. There is no better way to replicate our DNA and newly-expanded strategic services than to position one of our founders to open the new office. We believe that by having two strategically located offices we can help churches make better decisions regarding the services we provide.

At Clark we’re all about helping churches move from more to most. The new Clark office will be located in the Historic Meadows Building and opens January 1, 2012. We’ll be hosting a Open House event on January 20, 2012. For more details visit Official Press Release after the break.

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The Great Clark T-shirt Twitter Give-away

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This Week we’ve been giving-away one Clark T-shirt everyday to a random @clarktweet follower. If you haven’t jump on tweet follow @clarktweet and check the Clark Blog everyday to this week to see if you won!

Monday’s Winner

Tanza Brown



Wednesday’s Winner

Jon Wise



Friday’s Winner

Jason Williams



Tuesday’s Winner

Mike Tiojanco



Thursday’s Winner

Whitney George





Final Cut Pro X Software update

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Final Cut Pro X was previewed this year at NAB with great fan fair.The future looked bright. But after only a few months in beta Apple released the product at WWDC and soon after editors all over the world were buying pitch forks and torches. The Witch hunt began.

After Blogs and op-ed articles Final Cut Pro X was dubbed “iMovie Pro” and even Conan O’brian took stab (probably since his new parent company had spent millions in Final Cut software and hardware).

Well all those diehards that didn’t take Adobe up on it’s 50% discount to switch to Premier the wait is over. Today Apple released a Final Cut X update.

What does this mean for you leaders over technical arts. Basically if already bought Final Cut X grab the update especially if you are using XSAN. If you didn’t buy Final Cut X and you can hold out until spring of 2012 Apple will probably have a full new release with all the bells and whistles your accustom too. If you can’t wait Adobe premier is a great option especially if your are shoot on DSLRs it will save your team time.

Sadly the update does NOT include Multi-cam Editing or Broadcast Monitor support. Here are the new features.

Media Stems Export

Traditional, track-based editing systems require you to constantly rearrange and disable tracks to export audio and video stems. With the latest version of Final Cut Pro X, flexible metadata removes the burden of track management. Use the new Roles tag to label clips — dialogue, effects, music, and more — then export a single multitrack file or separate stems based on your tags. You can even apply Roles to video clips and graphics for a powerful new way to deliver separate files for versioning and localization.

Rich XML Support

Now you can import and export Final Cut Pro X project and Event information via a rich XML format. XML interchange enables a wide range of third-party workflows, including high-end visual effects, color grading, and media asset management. Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, Square Box System’s CatDV, and many other third-party applications will offer XML-based workflows with Final Cut Pro X.

Projects and Events on Xsan

Create and edit your Final Cut Pro X projects and Events on Xsan. Ideal for multi-user workflows, you can import media through Final Cut Pro X and place it directly on the SAN. Multiple users can access the same source media, and each editor can create separate projects and Events on the SAN. Users can then edit from any system attached to the SAN, making it easy to move between computers and continue working.

Custom Starting Timecode

Set the start time of your project to a custom timecode value to accommodate color bars and tone, or to meet broadcast delivery specifications.

Full-screen view in Lion

Use every inch of your display when working in Final Cut Pro X. And easily navigate to other applications with a swipe.

GPU-accelerated export

Harness the power of the GPU on your graphics card to speed up foreground export.

Camera Import SDK

Camera manufacturers can use the Camera Import SDK to write plug-ins for importing media from a wide range of cameras. For example, Sony is updating their XDCAM EX plug-in to support native import directly into Final Cut Pro X.

New Theme: Tribute

Access the new Tribute theme, with four animated titles and a matching transition.



Creative Collective After Party

Photo Sep 15, 9 55 32 PM

Thanks to all those that stopped by the Creative Collective After Party!
It was a great time hanging out with all of you. Hopefully you got to meet some of the Clark team.

Special thanks to all the bands that played our late night party!
Be sure to stop by their websites.

La De Les
All Sons and Daughters

Netflix is now Qwikster & Netflix.

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Netflix is spinning of their DVD by mail business. A tough decision by Reed Hastings the CEO of Netflix. With Hulu and the networks themselves getting the competition for streaming video service is heating up and Netflix is losing it’s competitive edge. Reed makes a tough call and gets humbled.

There is a great editorial on why over at

Have you as a church leader had to make a tough call and apologized for the way it was handled?

Story – Session #7

This is part of a series of posts about the 2011 Story Conference in Chicago by Jeremy Jernigan.

Matthew West

Matthew started his creative journey by telling his own story. Over the years, that has led him to want to connect his story to other people’s stories and then to tell those as well. This led him to invite people on Facebook to tell him their story so that he could shape his music off of that and he received ten thousand stories. Most of the stories centered around abuse that had been done to people. These were turned into a book that he wrote with Angela Thomas called The Story of Your Life.

Lauren Chandler

Lauren read through Psalm 107 and talked about how that coincides with her own journey. We can be so filled with the praises of men that we have no appetite for the Lord.

She shared the incredible story of her husband having a seizure two years ago and how that has radically changed their lives. While they were praying for things to all get better, they realized that God’s answer to their prayers was His very presence.

One Thousand Premieres

Ben Arment closed the session by announcing an exciting new project called “One Thousand Premieres.” It is a movie being made about David and Goliath that they are planning to release through the engine of the Church instead of the traditional six production companies.

He also interviewed Santino Stoner, one of the guys who will be overseeing this movie. Click here to find out more about it.

Story – Session #6

This is part of a series of posts about the 2011 Story Conference in Chicago by Jeremy Jernigan.

Skye Jethani

Danger –> fear –> control –> More danger. This is the narrative that drives most of our lives, human history, and most forms of religion.

5 postures with God:

  1. life under God (center of universe is divine will)
  2. life over God (center of universe is natural law)
  3. life from God (center of universe is yourself – this is consumer Christianity. God becomes a means to an end)
  4. life for God (center of universe is the mission we are called to)
  5. Life with God (center of universe is relationship flowing from God)

Most of our lives and ministries are bouncing between the first four postures. God is not a means to an end… even a good end. He is the end.

Danger –> fear –> surrender –> safe –> faith –> surrender.

The problem with the Church today is that we are dreaming the dreams of the world. We need the dreams of children, full of safety and goodness. With the wonder and beauty of who He is.

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Story – Session #5

This is part of a series of posts about the 2011 Story Conference in Chicago by Jeremy Jernigan.

Ann Voskamp

Creativity is being comfortable with not knowing what comes next. Where there is no vision the people perish. Poetry is no trifling thing. Poetry sees the beauty in the ugly. Poetry sees Christ in the world. Poetry imagines a new Kingdom coming. Poetry is the language that slows us down. Where there is no poetry there is no possibility of an alternative future. Art is never about applause; it’s about an author. The prophets were always the ones who spoke the poetry. A third of the Bible is poetry. Artists create in response to God to invite others to respond to God. Without poetry the people perish. Looking comes first. A holy imagination makes the unseen seen.

Only the amateurs hurry. In Christ, time is not running out. We are on the brink of eternity.

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Story – Session #4

This is part of a series of posts about the 2011 Story Conference in Chicago by Jeremy Jernigan.

Ben Arment

Ben is the founder of the Story conference and began by talking about his Dream Year project that he does with a handful of dreamers each year. Ben walks with them throughout the year in making their ream become an reality. I actually had the chance to interview Ben on my blog almost a year ago, and I have been following him for awhile. Just experiencing this conference is a testament to how creative Ben and his team truly are.

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