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Shoes and Church?

Every church is unique.

When it comes to developing strategy, facility and technology solutions, a partner that’s as unique as they are – one who won’t sell them the same solution they sell to every client.

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Mode App by Clark & Creative Collective

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Clark and the Creative Collective just released a new resource for all you creative church staffers. Mode is the first video resource app for creative leaders. Publishing interviews and talks from professionals in various creative disciplines, Mode brings fresh inspiration to your tablet or mobile device. Watch all the videos while connected to the internet or download mp3s for offline listening. Best of all Mode is completely free!

Here is a few of the practitioners that share their thoughts in the Mode App:

Tom Ryan

Carlos Whittaker
Musician & Blogger

Blaine Hogan
Creative Director and Actor

…and many more!

Download the app today for iOS or Android.

The Sound of Brave

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For all you audiophiles out there.

Non Profit Buying Guide to Adobe Creative Suite


If the Adobe options weren’t complicated enough, they can be with Adobe’s introduction of the Creative Cloud.

Lucky for you our friend Brad Zimmerman over at has a whole run down on what you should know before you buy.
Check out the buying guide here.

Monthly Freebie: 2 tickets Vimeo Film Fest


We are excited to announce our first Monthly Freebie!

All you have to do is register below for the Clark Newsletter, and bam your entered to win two tickets to the Vimeo Film Festival in New York, June 7-9, 2012.

Enter before May 24th and winners will be selected May 26th.

Oh and did we mention they are 2 day all access passes?

Planning Center gets in the Presentation Software Market

A few days ago Planning Center Online announced a new iPad only presentation app called Projector.
Projector will connected via cable and adapter from your iPad or wireless over airplay using an Apple tv.
It’s simple multi-touch interface makes it easy to use for any volunteer. I see this becoming an integrated part of portable and church plant technology packages.


Film is Offically Dead… or at least in one foot in the grave.

Screen shot 2011-10-18 at 3.05.21 PM

Last week Panavision and Arri among others quietly stop manufacturing new 35mm film cameras.
Check out the Tech Crunch article for details.

Now that the weight of film of your shoulders, what kind of video camera will you buy?

Zacuto did a in depth 3 part shoot out between the following cameras:

ArriFlex-435 (35mm)
Arri Alexa
Sony F35
Phantom Flex
Red One M-X

Sony PMW F3
Panasonic AF-100
Cannon 5D-Mark ii
Cannon 7D
Cannon 1D-Mark iv
Nikon D7000

This 3 part series by Zacuto is promobably the most detailed shoot out between cameras. If you produce videos at any level, producer, director, dp, assistant or just a volunteer at your church this is a MUST SEE. In every test you will see limitations of each camera. There is no one perfect solution, but knowing the information inside these videos will give you a better understand of how to use each camera, thus rendering better videos.

Episode 1: The Tipping Point

Episode 2: Sensors & Sensitivity

Episode 3: It’s Not So Black & White


The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, with unlimited opportunities. But does democratized culture mean better art or is true talent instead drowned out? This is the question addressed by PressPausePlay, a documentary film containing interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era.

I haven’t yet bought PressPausePlay, but I’m going too. I’m intrigued with this idea of democratization of creativity and the the power of the internet as a distribution channel. I’m intrigued because I think it has the ability to turn the church upside down. I think it has the ability to reveal the truths of the Bible in ways never thought before.

For centuries we have been hearing the word of God through spoken word. Generation after generation raised up and called into ministry. Now the availability of creative tools gives a whole new tribe of people the voice they’ve always wanted. A voice to share the faithfulness of a living God. A God that created space and time, sunsets and sunrises, water and the ability for water to be frozen. A creative God.

The Creative Class has the ability and the access to move people, to see God’s humor, unfailing love, his mercy and justice. The question is will the these creatives, artists, curators, designers, musicians, filmmakers, teachers, and writers raise up and revolutionize the way the Gospel is heard through out the world? Or will, at least in America, traditional minds shut out what could be for what is.You can see God’s finger print on everything in the universe. This is the time, the point in God’s story where the power and tools have been released to God’s people to fulfill the Great Commission.

Where do you see God in the digital culture revolution?

Money Ball


Money Ball is a film about the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successful attempt to put together a baseball team on a budget by employing computer generated analysis to draft players. It’s a great underdog story that shows sometimes you need to buck the system.

That latter part was a great reminder for me. As leaders,whether it be church, non-profit or business, there comes a point in time where people and process exist because they have before not because they should. Jonah Hill’s plays Peter Brand a character in the movie that sees a deficiency in the way teams a put together and asks the hard question.

“You goal shouldn’t be to buy players. It should be about buying wins; in order to buy wins, you need to buy runs..”

Where in your church or organizations are you still “buying players” instead of “buying wins?”

Vimeo Launches Music Store

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If you lead or are directly responsible for the creation of videos of your church, you need to know this!

Using just any song for your videos can be against the law. Most music is copyrighted and requires some type of licensing. Licensing of can get very expensive, take a Cold Play song, that can easily cost you thousands of dollars. So how do you get affordable licensing for music? They are numerous sources online but very few of them are any good. That’s about to change.

Today Vimeo launched it’s online Music Store. Music design specifically for videos. Licenses range from Free under creative commons, $1.99 for personal use and $100 for commercial use.

Vimeo has the most influence, and resources to grow this small store into something film makers can cherish. But only time will tell.

If you are looking for more emotional meaningful less soundtrackish music, check out With Etiquette. A Music licensing web site created by the Guys at Still Motion.