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Getting the Most Out of Your Creative Team

Creatives can appear disinterested and unwilling to help–especially if they’ve been burned or felt unappreciated in the past. But creatives are actually super eager to help if the environment is right. Here are a few ways you can craft a creative-friendly environment and evoke their excitement: Continue reading →

Untitled Limited Edition Posters

Clark is giving away limited edition posters based on quotes from the Creative Collective eBook Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process by Blaine Hogan. This set of four 11″ x 17″ posters will be available exclusively at the Creative Collective After Party Presented by Clark.

Check out the design and inspiration after the break.

There is still a few tickets left for the After Party get them while they last!  Register

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Why The Creative Collective

If you haven’t heard by now, Clark started something new earlier this year. We Call it The Creative Collective. The Collective is an effort to prevent creative apathy. It’s a movement to equip those in and around the church to refocus on content and originality. After all we were created in the image of God the creator. Created to Created. This revolution is in its infancy with a challenging mission: Delete the Copy and Paste culture within the church. Inspiring? We hope so. But one question we get asked a lot over here at the firm is why start The Creative Collective, why Clark? Well, made a little video to share our thoughts (video after the break).

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