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Getting the Most Out of Your Creative Team

Creatives can appear disinterested and unwilling to help–especially if they’ve been burned or felt unappreciated in the past. But creatives are actually super eager to help if the environment is right. Here are a few ways you can craft a creative-friendly environment and evoke their excitement: Continue reading →

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At Clark we are always on the look out for resources that move the church forward in the way they communicate the message of Jesus Christ. One of those such resources is small website called The goal quite simple. Bring better design to Sermons at the most affordable prices. We sat down with the creator Jeremy Wagner for a little Q & A. Continue reading →

Jigsaw Leadership


I don’t like to do puzzles.

It’s not that I can’t do them, it’s just that I’m not particularly fond of the feeling you get when you finally get those thousand pieces together… and then have to put them all back in the box. I tend to dislike the reality of having nothing to show for hours of my effort.

Recently, my two-year-old son Gavin developed a new fascination with puzzles. His are much simpler with much less effort involved. So I’ve suddenly reentered the world of puzzles and I’m actually enjoying it more than I thought. But what I’ve realized in revisiting this old hobby is that I never actually left it.

Leading a creative arts team is a lot like sitting down to do a puzzle. Other organizations or other ministries of a church fit much easier into the standard business model of leadership. Just have everyone read the 17 laws of something and everything will run as it should. Continue reading →