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Film is Offically Dead… or at least in one foot in the grave.

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Last week Panavision and Arri among others quietly stop manufacturing new 35mm film cameras.
Check out the Tech Crunch article for details.

Now that the weight of film of your shoulders, what kind of video camera will you buy?

Zacuto did a in depth 3 part shoot out between the following cameras:

ArriFlex-435 (35mm)
Arri Alexa
Sony F35
Phantom Flex
Red One M-X

Sony PMW F3
Panasonic AF-100
Cannon 5D-Mark ii
Cannon 7D
Cannon 1D-Mark iv
Nikon D7000

This 3 part series by Zacuto is promobably the most detailed shoot out between cameras. If you produce videos at any level, producer, director, dp, assistant or just a volunteer at your church this is a MUST SEE. In every test you will see limitations of each camera. There is no one perfect solution, but knowing the information inside these videos will give you a better understand of how to use each camera, thus rendering better videos.

Episode 1: The Tipping Point

Episode 2: Sensors & Sensitivity

Episode 3: It’s Not So Black & White

Facebook Reinvents the Profile Page

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Today at F8 conference Facebook introduced “Timeline” a new profile page that captures a better sense of who you are. The goal is to extend what the conversation. Mark Zuckerberg calls the original Facebook profile page the first 5 minuets of a conversation and the current profile page the next 15 minutes of a conversation.  Timeline goes beyond the 15 minute conversation.

Timeline showcases all the events in your life and giving you the ability to raise their importance or remove them completely. Timeline even adds more customization with a cover photo for your header.

Will this change the way we connect online? Probably. But one of the most exciting possibilities is to see believers in Jesus showcase their lives. A timeline of their lives before coming to faith in Jesus Christ and after. It could be one of the most profound tools for share the faith. Only time will tell (Yes pun intended although not a very good one).

What is your take on the new Facebook Timeline?


Vimeo Launches Music Store

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If you lead or are directly responsible for the creation of videos of your church, you need to know this!

Using just any song for your videos can be against the law. Most music is copyrighted and requires some type of licensing. Licensing of can get very expensive, take a Cold Play song, that can easily cost you thousands of dollars. So how do you get affordable licensing for music? They are numerous sources online but very few of them are any good. That’s about to change.

Today Vimeo launched it’s online Music Store. Music design specifically for videos. Licenses range from Free under creative commons, $1.99 for personal use and $100 for commercial use.

Vimeo has the most influence, and resources to grow this small store into something film makers can cherish. But only time will tell.

If you are looking for more emotional meaningful less soundtrackish music, check out With Etiquette. A Music licensing web site created by the Guys at Still Motion.

Final Cut Pro X Software update

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Final Cut Pro X was previewed this year at NAB with great fan fair.The future looked bright. But after only a few months in beta Apple released the product at WWDC and soon after editors all over the world were buying pitch forks and torches. The Witch hunt began.

After Blogs and op-ed articles Final Cut Pro X was dubbed “iMovie Pro” and even Conan O’brian took stab (probably since his new parent company had spent millions in Final Cut software and hardware).

Well all those diehards that didn’t take Adobe up on it’s 50% discount to switch to Premier the wait is over. Today Apple released a Final Cut X update.

What does this mean for you leaders over technical arts. Basically if already bought Final Cut X grab the update especially if you are using XSAN. If you didn’t buy Final Cut X and you can hold out until spring of 2012 Apple will probably have a full new release with all the bells and whistles your accustom too. If you can’t wait Adobe premier is a great option especially if your are shoot on DSLRs it will save your team time.

Sadly the update does NOT include Multi-cam Editing or Broadcast Monitor support. Here are the new features.

Media Stems Export

Traditional, track-based editing systems require you to constantly rearrange and disable tracks to export audio and video stems. With the latest version of Final Cut Pro X, flexible metadata removes the burden of track management. Use the new Roles tag to label clips — dialogue, effects, music, and more — then export a single multitrack file or separate stems based on your tags. You can even apply Roles to video clips and graphics for a powerful new way to deliver separate files for versioning and localization.

Rich XML Support

Now you can import and export Final Cut Pro X project and Event information via a rich XML format. XML interchange enables a wide range of third-party workflows, including high-end visual effects, color grading, and media asset management. Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, Square Box System’s CatDV, and many other third-party applications will offer XML-based workflows with Final Cut Pro X.

Projects and Events on Xsan

Create and edit your Final Cut Pro X projects and Events on Xsan. Ideal for multi-user workflows, you can import media through Final Cut Pro X and place it directly on the SAN. Multiple users can access the same source media, and each editor can create separate projects and Events on the SAN. Users can then edit from any system attached to the SAN, making it easy to move between computers and continue working.

Custom Starting Timecode

Set the start time of your project to a custom timecode value to accommodate color bars and tone, or to meet broadcast delivery specifications.

Full-screen view in Lion

Use every inch of your display when working in Final Cut Pro X. And easily navigate to other applications with a swipe.

GPU-accelerated export

Harness the power of the GPU on your graphics card to speed up foreground export.

Camera Import SDK

Camera manufacturers can use the Camera Import SDK to write plug-ins for importing media from a wide range of cameras. For example, Sony is updating their XDCAM EX plug-in to support native import directly into Final Cut Pro X.

New Theme: Tribute

Access the new Tribute theme, with four animated titles and a matching transition.



Netflix is now Qwikster & Netflix.

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Netflix is spinning of their DVD by mail business. A tough decision by Reed Hastings the CEO of Netflix. With Hulu and the networks themselves getting the competition for streaming video service is heating up and Netflix is losing it’s competitive edge. Reed makes a tough call and gets humbled.

There is a great editorial on why over at

Have you as a church leader had to make a tough call and apologized for the way it was handled?

WebOS, Killing Computers and Leading Teams


A little rant on how having the right pieces doesn’t always work (Nerd Alert).

Recently HP announced the death of WebOS. WebOS was the software platform developed by Palm for their new phone. After Palm’s failed attempt at bringing it to market HP saw AN opportunity. They bought it and became the second major technology company to control both a hardware and software ecosystem (1st Major… Apple).

It could have been a match made in heaven. Look at iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad from Apple. HP was on the right track. HP even had an open platform for developers. More freedom. More innovation.

Alas, they failed to deliver just as many other companies and organizations. Just like I have. Just like we all have. Continue reading →