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Film is Offically Dead… or at least in one foot in the grave.

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Last week Panavision and Arri among others quietly stop manufacturing new 35mm film cameras.
Check out the Tech Crunch article for details.

Now that the weight of film of your shoulders, what kind of video camera will you buy?

Zacuto did a in depth 3 part shoot out between the following cameras:

ArriFlex-435 (35mm)
Arri Alexa
Sony F35
Phantom Flex
Red One M-X

Sony PMW F3
Panasonic AF-100
Cannon 5D-Mark ii
Cannon 7D
Cannon 1D-Mark iv
Nikon D7000

This 3 part series by Zacuto is promobably the most detailed shoot out between cameras. If you produce videos at any level, producer, director, dp, assistant or just a volunteer at your church this is a MUST SEE. In every test you will see limitations of each camera. There is no one perfect solution, but knowing the information inside these videos will give you a better understand of how to use each camera, thus rendering better videos.

Episode 1: The Tipping Point

Episode 2: Sensors & Sensitivity

Episode 3: It’s Not So Black & White

Money Ball


Money Ball is a film about the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successful attempt to put together a baseball team on a budget by employing computer generated analysis to draft players. It’s a great underdog story that shows sometimes you need to buck the system.

That latter part was a great reminder for me. As leaders,whether it be church, non-profit or business, there comes a point in time where people and process exist because they have before not because they should. Jonah Hill’s plays Peter Brand a character in the movie that sees a deficiency in the way teams a put together and asks the hard question.

“You goal shouldn’t be to buy players. It should be about buying wins; in order to buy wins, you need to buy runs..”

Where in your church or organizations are you still “buying players” instead of “buying wins?”