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Facebook Reinvents the Profile Page

Screen shot 2011-09-22 at 11.04.20 AM

Today at F8 conference Facebook introduced “Timeline” a new profile page that captures a better sense of who you are. The goal is to extend what the conversation. Mark Zuckerberg calls the original Facebook profile page the first 5 minuets of a conversation and the current profile page the next 15 minutes of a conversation.  Timeline goes beyond the 15 minute conversation.

Timeline showcases all the events in your life and giving you the ability to raise their importance or remove them completely. Timeline even adds more customization with a cover photo for your header.

Will this change the way we connect online? Probably. But one of the most exciting possibilities is to see believers in Jesus showcase their lives. A timeline of their lives before coming to faith in Jesus Christ and after. It could be one of the most profound tools for share the faith. Only time will tell (Yes pun intended although not a very good one).

What is your take on the new Facebook Timeline?